Gary's Full Service 
Auto Repair LLC

Gary got his start with trucks - the big ones! For years before he opened his own shop, Gary kept commercial over-the-road trucks hauling down the Interstate. He knows from personal experience what it takes to keep your beefy 4-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive vehicle doing what you want it to do. Your hard-working vehicle requires more maintenance and has more moving parts than a little around-town sedan.

Transfer Case
Servicing the transfer case when recommended by the manufacturer, or when the fluid gets dirty (whichever comes first) will help to prevent stiffness while shifting, reduce chain and gear wear and prolong the life of transfer case bearings and seals.
We use only manufacturer-specified fluids to service your truck's transfer case!

Front & Rear Differential
Servicing your differentials when recommended by the manufacturer, or when the fluid gets dirty (whichever comes first!) will help protect differential and pinion bearing, axle bearings, ring & pinion gears, spider gears and seals from premature wear. Failure to change the differential oil can lead to some very expensive repairs!
We use only manufacturer-specified fluids to service your truck's differentials!

Drive Shaft (U-Joints & Slip Yokes)
Hauling heavy loads or running off-road puts a lot of demand on drive shaft parts. Bad universal joints can damage the transmission tail shaft seal and bushing, rear pinion seal and pinion bearings. Damaged slip yokes can cause vibration and noise. In extreme cases, a damaged U-joint or slip yoke can cause the drive shaft to come apart - and even fall out!
We will inspect your truck's drive shaft at every oil change!

Engine & Transmission Mounts
Especially off-road, these parts take a beating! If a mount gives out, you can wind up with expensive engine or transmission damage. Transmission movement can cause the linkage to bind, resulting in improper shift patterns. At its worst, this can result in transmission damage and replacement. Broken engine mounts can allow the engine to move freely in the engine compartment, which can pull on air conditioning hoses, causing them to leak or break. It can also break other components in the engine, in extreme cases to the point of having to replace the engine.
As a courtesy, we routinely inspect your truck's engine and transmission mounts!

Drive Axles and Seals
Leakage at seals and boots can lead to axle failure. Drive axle and CV axle failure can cause loss of mobility, and, in some cases, can ruin the differential.
We will inspect your truck's axles and seals at every oil change!

Heavy loads and wild off-road rides are a challenge to your suspension. Some truck suspensions are stronger than others, but all are subject to failure if challenged too hard. Leaf springs, coil springs and torsion bars support and cushion your ride. Ball joints and tie rods are part of the steering linkage. Failures in these parts are the most catastrophic, leading to sudden loss of control if they break.
We always check your truck's suspension to ensure your safety!

Wheel Alignment - Especially if you go off-roading!
Save those expensive tires! Prevent unnecessary wear on suspension parts. Enjoy better control - on pavement and off.
We align your truck for minimum tire wear and maximum performance!